2005 Feytit Clinet – glad I bought en primeur…

28 03 2016

With the 2015 En Primeur campaign kicking off and looking at prices of 2005s and 2009s, some of which haven’t increased, I was interested to try these wines and see whether I still think it’s worth buying En Primeur.

In 2006 I purchased 6 magnums of Feytit Clinet and 12 magnums of Ch Jonqueyres, a Bordeaux Superieur. We enjoyed three of them today for lunch (yes it was a big lunch with friends, not just the two of us!). Both the wines were excellent – the Feytit Clinet clearly more concentrated and powerful with a future still ahead and the lesser wine ripe and juicy, perfect to drink now.

Out of interest I looked up my paperwork and the Feytit Clinet was £267 in bond (6x150cl) and the Jonqueyres £108 (12x150cl). Today the Feytit Clinet is worth about £400+ and I can’t find a price for the Jonqueyres but you’d probably have to pay double now.

However for me the pleasure was all in having bought these wines as babies and having nurtured them carefully and then got so much shared pleasure from them. How much I paid for them and whether they had increased in value wasn’t really the point. They could have gone down and it wouldn’t have mattered, the initial outlay was long forgotten.

Isn’t this the real reason to buy En Primeur – for the future enjoyment not the investment potential. The other lesson I’ve learnt is to buy some magnums of a really good 2015 Bordeaux Superieur this year. Our children will definitely thank us in ten years’ time…



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