What NOT to do in the covering letter to a job application

11 04 2016

I’ve read a good many job applications and the covering letter is all-important. Here are a few things not to do:


  • make the letter too long – 1 side of A4 is fine
  • waffle – you need to get to the point quickly
  • use a standard letter – you need to contextualise your letter and say why you would like to work for that company
  • make spelling mistakes – it gives a bad impression


Preparing for interview – a quick tip

The most common error I see is that applicants are thinking too much about themselves and not enough about the company and the skills they are looking for. To be successful you need to prove (literally provide evidence) that you are the right fit, both in skills and attitude. Look carefully at the job spec and distill out the skills and attitudes you think are required. Can you think of good examples to demonstrate you have these qualities? Make sure you refer to these in the interview.





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