Weingut Gunderloch, Rheinhessen

29 06 2016

010ed3efab58f295e3b37d6800cc8431c8fe3ce77aJohannes Hasselbach drove us through Pettenthal and Rothenburg vineyards where we saw how the caterpillar tractors have to be attached to a winch as they go down the steep slopes. It was 33 degrees and really hot and only June! In July and August they have to work in the vineyards in the early morning due to the heat.

Known for its sweet wines (which I still prefer), the rise of dry styles is also reflected here.

My picks:

2014 Riesling Rothenburg GG (Grosses Gewachs)

Has an earthiness and good weight. Only 1.7g/l RS yet tastes a little sweeter.

2015 Jean Baptiste Riesling Kabinett

Johannes says Kabinett wines are enjoying a bit of a renaissance with young people in Germany. This has a nice balance of sweetness and acidity and good length too. Very different style from the dry wines.

2014 Rothenburg Riesling Spatlese

The best wine so far. No botrytis, spontanous fermentation. Nice length.

2014 Rothenburg Riesling Auslese

7.5%abv. Lusciously sweet. Very good. The 2010 also tasted had a lovely silky, honied texture with lemons, limes and cream.



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