Weingut Schnaitmann, Wurttemberg

29 06 2016


Rainer Schnaitmann is a real dynamo with an exercise bike hooked up to the electrics in the winery and tales of paragliding from the top of the hill and down over the vines towards the town of Stuttgart below. We drove up the hill into Rainer’s vines which are farmed organically and tasted a few wines in the vines (I love doing that!). Rainer started with 3 hectares and now has 25. Back in the winery someone had spent a long time lighting what looked like hundreds of candles and music was being played to the wines in tank and barrel (I think it was Bach but they get all sorts including jazz – Rainer says he got the idea from this from Kevin Judd at Cloudy Bay who used to play heavy rock so loudly that the wines vibrated!). Tasting from vat and barrel in the candlelit cellar was very atmospheric but not conducive to taking notes… Of academic interest was an ‘orange’ wine – a Silvaner from barrel with four months skin contact. It was very dry and reminded me of a fino but without the flor – weird.IMG_0022

During dinner in a local restaurant we again tasted so many wines it was hard to keep track. Rainer lives a fast-paced life but I do particularly remember liking a 2013 Spatburgunder Simonroth. There are lots of different grape varieties here including Grauerburgunder (Pinot Gris) which is growing in popularity, Muskateller, Lemberger (Blaufrankisch), Trollinger and others. This is not the best known region but Rainer says there are good soils here and this is definitely a domaine to watch.



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