Bacchus rules OK

20 06 2012

Buy Bacchus wine from Britain

Bacchus, the signature grape for still dry English white wines. Not just prettily floral like an English summer garden, the wines judged at this week’s competition showed that it is capable of real concentration and excitement. Taste enough of these and you will spot this varietal just as easily as Sauvignon Blanc. It could catch on in an equally addictive way! Spread the word…

The white sparkling wines are world class and so now are the rosé sparkling – Laurent Perrier watch out as English rosé sparkling is cool and trendy!

The results will be announced very shortly.


The little London Wine Fair

25 05 2012

I actually had a really good day yesterday on the last day of the Wine Fair. Not too many people, space to walk around, people who had time to speak to you. There were also a few stands that were genuinely buzzing, Hatch Mansfield and Bibendum for example. But there were also small stands that looked desolately empty and more than one person said to me that the expense just couldn’t be warranted and they wouldn’t be coming back next year. I see Tesco had a fortress of a stand that looked a bit intimidating – lots of important meetings going on in there I expect…

Will that be the last ever London Wine Fair? I really hope not. I’ve been every year for 20 odd years. I loved the old Olympia show and felt it had got too big when it moved to Excel. I know things move on and change but why not go back to a smaller, more central venue and alternate years with Vinexpo? Otherwise ProWein will take over lock, stock and barrel. The UK is fast losing its reputation as the premier wine market. There’s not enough money to be made here. Losing the Wine Fair would be a reflection of this. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. 


English Sparkling Wine producers fizzing with anger

23 05 2012

Really not sure what to think about this. Pommery are not the only ones who are taking advantage of the Olympics being in the UK to use the Union Jack on their packaging. Producers of English sparkling wines are fizzing with anger – how can a French sparkling wine be more British than an English sparkling wine?? Of course I can completely see their point but actually it’s a bit embarrassing. What a missed opportunity by the English sparkling wine producers to do something similar (unless someone is and I don’t know)! To be fair individual estates do not have the funds to match the big Champagne houses to pay for marketing like this and I doubt the generic association would have this sort of money either. It’s a bit brash, very bold and I warrant very successful…