How a green vase turned blue...

How a green vase turned blue...

The story of how a little green vase turned blue is quite an interesting one. Years ago a friend brought me back a pretty vase from Korea. I've always loved its proportions and wanted to capture its essence in a still life painting. I also wanted to make a pair with my Blue Bottle painting which won an award so I chose the same size board and started painting with a palette knife. After some hours I thought I'd finished but I just had this nagging feeling that I didn't like it. In fact I didn't like it at all. How annoying to have wasted so much time!

In frustration I loaded my brush with a lovely transparent Prussian Blue that I had recently bought and started painting over the whole thing. Then at one point I stood back and realised that something magical was happening on the vase itself. The blue was catching on the palette knife marks from the layer underneath and so I stopped short and took a breath. Then I just sort of let go and let intuition take over I suppose. Everything loosened up and became soft and moody. 

Bob Ross talks about 'happy accidents' and this was certainly one of those. Now it has transformed into an entrancing painting that draws you in. I love it now and it is so unique, I'll never paint it the same way again. 

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