Susan McCraith

Although I have always had a creative streak, I didn't take up art properly until 2020. I am largely self taught though I have attended some short courses and am studying for a diploma in Art History. I call it my second career as my first career was in the wine industry. In fact I am a Master of Wine trying to become a Master of Art!

As I learn and see more art I get inspired to try a variety of mediums and styles and I tend to have phases when I'll concentrate on oils or watercolour or charcoal. I love composing still life, I also love birds, big land and seascapes and the challenge of portraiture. I look for the light and try to form a connection with the viewer. I want my work to be alive and have meaning on another level.

As part of my learning process I sometimes look at a detail within a wonderful painting and try to emulate it. I call these artworks my Mini Masters. 

I currently ship original paintings within the UK. I use a specialist printer to produce and send prints all over the world.

I live in the Cotswolds and love walking through the local villages where I might do the occasional watercolour. I'm also planning on walking the West Highland Way in Scotland later this year which would be a big personal achievement and I'm hoping I'll have enough room in my rucksack for a watercolour set. 

The other big exciting thing is that we're converting the loft so I can have an art studio instead of having to move my growing number of art supplies from room to room. I'll post more about that when it's done. 

My intention with this website is to record some of my journey so do follow me and see how I progress. 

I hope you enjoy my artwork!