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Reinventing yourself

Most of my friends know me as a Master of Wine. For the last 35 years that has been my profession. As my fellow MWs know (and there are a few of you on my list 👋) everybody you meet seems to know that there are very few MWs in the world. So you go around feeling pretty special - for 35 years… Then in Lockdown 2020 you decide to teach yourself something new, oil painting, and you join the ranks of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of wannabe, so-so artists trying ever so hard to get noticed on Instagram. I mean, why bother?

When you first start learning you get quite a kick out of producing something faintly recognisable, then the more you learn (and I’m just over half way through a History of Art Diploma) you realise just how rubbish you are.

I have my first Art Fair coming up this weekend in Bath (BCAF Green Park Station) and I’m absolutely bricking it. I don’t know if I have enough to take with me, I don’t know if anyone will show any interest let alone buy something, or even if my phone will take the payment if they do!

Why am I doing this to myself at age 60 when I could just have carried on painting as a hobby? Well, my friends know that I like to challenge myself (I’d never have achieved the MW if I didn’t). Now that my studio is very, very, nearly ready I’m planning on painting more and improving. It’s a humbling experience. I could just stay in my comfort zone but I’m putting myself out there and we will see what happens - wish me luck!

Above is a blue glass bottle that I decided to paint using a palette knife only. It was fun to do, not easy, but I like the texture it adds. This took quite a while to dry. I’m taking it with me on Sunday.

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