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Peony Still Life Mini Master | Original Oil Painting | 6 x 6 inches with optional frame

Peony Still Life Mini Master | Original Oil Painting | 6 x 6 inches with optional frame

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This painting features a peony and is from a detail of an old Dutch still life from the 17th century.

Oil paint on gallery wrap primed stretched cotton canvas. The artwork continues onto the edges of the painting so it can be displayed with or without a frame. It is finished with a clear satin varnish to protect the work for years of enjoyment. The frame I have selected is black and gold.

Size: 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm) unframed or if you opt for the frame, it measures 4.3cm.

I became interested in Dutch still life painting when I was studying History of Art and visited the Ashmolean. I recreated this detail from a painting by Jacob van Walscapelle (1644-1727), which I saw at Compton Verney's Dutch Flowers exhibition. Very few paintings by van Walscapelle exist. He appears to have abandoned his art after embarking on a municipal career in Amsterdam in 1673. 

The Process:

I used the traditional Flemish method of starting with a monochrome underpainting on the primed canvas and glazing colours in layers over the top. This is very time consuming as you have to leave the paint to dry in between each layer. The finished effect is very satisfying though and gives an extra depth. I love the dark backgrounds to these still life artworks as they add extra drama to the subject. Apparently one of the reasons for this was that the artists were painting by candlelight. It's interesting to view this Mini Master by candlelight too. 

Care Instructions

To keep your artwork in best condition, please avoid exposing to extreme heat, extreme cold or extreme humidity and avoid direct sunlight if possible. 

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